Installing Vinyl Fencing

Installing Vinyl Fencing

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This article will discuss how to install vinyl fencing for your yard.

After you choose the design and layout of your fence, you need to identify any obstructions to your project. There are above-ground obstacles like trees and bushes, but you also need to know where underground utility lines, pipes, and irrigation systems are located. You also need to adhere to building codes in your area.

Make sure you have all the prerequisite equipment for your job, including safety equipment like goggles and gloves. Install line stakes to guide you along the perimeter of the fence, and mark the post locations at regular intervals.

Next, you need to dig the fence post holes. The diameter for five-inch posts is 12 inches, and it’s 10 inches for four-inch posts. The depth should be over 2 feet, at least, and make sure the posts sit below the frost line.

Set your posts with wet pre-mixed concrete. Once you have the post vertically level, fill the hole with concrete up to four inches below the surface level. Tamp the concrete down as you put the concrete in, and check the vertical level of the post as you go.

Install your gates first, and give them clearance to swing open. Then install the rest of your fence and glue on the end caps, and you are all set!

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