Basics of Land Surveying

Basics of Land Surveying

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Land surveyor services help to map out the topography of the land before a build, such as a road repair or park installation. But how does it work? This article will break down the basics of land surveying and how the instruments involved operate.

You likely have seen the main instrument land surveyors use around your town or city. The robotic total station helps to measure the layout for land surveyors. In fact, they do the bulk of the work.

To begin, a surveyor will place reference stakes around an area and get their location. They will align the robotic total station with a reference backsight a few hundred feet away.

After the initial setup is complete, surveyors can begin to collect data using a prism that the total station can follow as the surveyor moves it around the site. You can use this up to a half-mile away.

The data collected by land surveyors will be used in the development of roads and streets, apartment buildings, and developments of any nature. They map out a huge library of reference points, not just at the location of the build but everywhere around the city.

If you are planning a large-scale project for something like a development, contact your city’s land surveyors to get the job done right.

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