How to Identify and Repair a Garage Door

How to Identify and Repair a Garage Door

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This article and video demonstrate common ways that garage doors malfunction, and what you need to do for garage door repair. Let’s get started!

First thing to do is to make sure the plus to the garage door is plugged. Make sure to also check the power supply to your garage through your fusebox.

Next, make sure there isn’t anything obstructing your sensor, or if it’s misaligned. If you don’t see the light on, clean the sensor until you do. If you still can’t see the light, you will probably need to call a professional. You can hold the control button down to fully close the door in the meantime.

The third thing on our list is to check to see if the door is off its track. If the door is crooked, you may have a snapped cable and the door will not operate. You need a professional to fix this problem.

Next, make sure the torsion springs aren’t broken. Get a ladder and take a look at the top of the door. A separation in the spring indicates it’s broken. Replacing these yourself can be dangerous, so call a repairman to handle it.

Finally, check if the trolley is connected (the red rope). If it isn’t, you can easily fix this yourself by pulling the red rope until the trolley is in its locked position.

There you have it! If you need professional help, get a referral from a loved on or do some research on Google.


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