How Do Cremations Work?

How Do Cremations Work?

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Cremations are increasingly popular. They memorialize the deceased and allow the family to grieve properly. This video and article will go over the process of cremation and give you a better understanding of cremation if you are still deciding what to do with a loved one’s body.

To prepare for the cremation, metal handles on the casket will be removed. Family and friends may be present for the process if they desire.

The operator will then raise the casket lift and gently put the casket on the cremation table. A button will be pressed to open the cremator door and the casket will be sent into it.

The chamber can be very hot when the casket is loaded. The bottom of the casket may ignite and a flash of the light may be visible due to a casket’s finishing lacquer before the cremator door is closed.

The casket is secured in the chamber and a computer handles the process with an operator at hand. The cremator begins the process and a flame of around 800 degrees is maintained. The entire process can take 70-150minutes.

The operator will carefully collect the remains, which are then cooled. A cremulator removes any metal debris still left, and finally, the ashes are transferred to an urn for the family.

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