How An Asphalt Paver Is Made

How An Asphalt Paver Is Made

An asphalt paver is a huge piece of machinery with multiple sets of intricate components. IF you have ever wondered how one is made, watch this video to have your fantasies realized.

The emergence of the asphalt paver changed the way roads were built.

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Before this invention, the process was done using smaller mechanisms or just the hands of manual laborers. The asphalt paver mainly took over for large crews who used picks and shovels to pave roads. This invention has made the process far more efficient and far easier overall. The asphalt paver turns rough roads into new, smooth ones. This is the wish of every single driver on the planet. No one likes driving on a rough and bumpy road so this invention was a revolutionary piece of manufacturing.

The process of making one of these starts with a computerized plasma cutter. The operator programs it to cut all the parts for the structure of the machine using steel plates. This minimizes waste by a huge margin. A fixture holds the pieces together while a human welder puts them all together. There are many more steps to this process, so make sure you watch the whole video for the entire rundown.

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