My Child Is Not Receiving The Attention They Need In Class Does A Private School Make Any Difference?

My Child Is Not Receiving The Attention They Need In Class Does A Private School Make Any Difference?

Choosing a school that benefits your child most can be an arduous decision. There are a lot of options out there, after all, and what can seem wonderful on the surface can become quite a stressful experience if you’re wrong.

The top private schools understand that parents want their child not to just have a good day-to-day experience, but an education that will last them a lifetime. Your children’s formative years involve not just good grades, but a safe environment and plenty of opportunity to receive the one-on-one attention they deserve. A Christian school will supplement the values you share at home and create an extension that can easily be felt throughout day-to-day life. Today’s private schools are both numerous and varied, so taking time with this decision is advice you should hold close to your heart.

What are the benefits of Christian education for your child’s bright future?

Let’s take a look at some numbers. Private schools are starting to become preferred by many parents over public models due to their more intimate learning environments. While no one child will have the same educational journey as the other, the benefits of Christian education may just be what you and your family have been looking for. By the time September of 2017 came around over five and a half million pre-K through grade 12 students (that’s 10% of American students) were enrolled in private schools.

Today the United States sees 33,000 private schools strewn across the country offering the very best in supportive, flexible and attentive education. They represent around 25% of all school environments and, according to a recent survey provided by the American Department Of Education, around 65% of private schools also had a religious orientation. This means you don’t have to choose between a private school or a Christian school when crafting your children’s education. The benefits of Christian education can be enjoyed once you do a little extra study on locations in your area.

A common trouble many parents have with their school of choice is the crowded classroom size. As stated above, no child has the same difficulties or interests as the other. This means packed classrooms lack the one-on-one attention necessary to sift through these details and provide a truly unique, comprehensive educational package. Back in 2013 the average student to teacher ratio in private schools was around 12 to two. Compare this to the average student to teacher ratio in public schools, which was 16 to one. For some, this little detail can make all the difference.

The benefits of Christian education are being felt the country over. According to data provided by the National Center For Education Statistics, around 35% of all private school students were enrolled in Catholic private schools, with another 40% in various religious private schools throughout fall of 2015. A Gallup poll conducted just last year involved over 1,000 American adults. It concluded with 70% of its participants rating independent private schools as either excellent or good, an impressive figure that will only get more so as parents become aware of the best private schools.

Choosing the right private school means many things. It means a convenient location you can travel back and forth from without spending too much on gas. It means steady access to a safe environment. Most of all…it means all of the details necessary for your children to achieve their best possible educational year. A Christian academy combines the supportive attention of a private school setting with religious values that will carry over from the home and into your child’s schoolwork. If you’ve considered the benefits of Christian education, make 2018 the year you make the plunge.

Your child’s education is important. Let a private school truly acknowledge the future that lays ahead of them.

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