5 Reasons To Live Off-Campus This Semester

5 Reasons To Live Off-Campus This Semester

You know the drill: The entrance to your on-campus housing complex has a resident assistant. They enforce all the rules in this cramped building. No alcohol, a limit on partying, no blasting music after 10 PM.

It’s stifling.

More and more students are choosing to live off-campus following their freshmen year and for good reason: On-campus housing is expensive, there are rules, and the living quarters are cramped.

You have to spend your semester with a roommate you don’t know.

You live in quarters that would generously described as fine for one.

Fortunately, there are options. Here are five reasons to live off-campus this semester.

One: On-Campus Housing Is Expensive

On-campus housing in many colleges is extremely expensive, which drives many students to seeking the cost-effective option of off-campus student housing. Part of the expense is location: With on-campus housing, you’re close to your classes, school-related activities, meal halls, and more.

Off-campus housing can be less expensive, though this is not always the case. Finding the right apartment complex, at the right rent (search for student-friendly apartments that give students a discount), is important for saving money.

Two: More Responsibility

This may seem like a detractor. After all, who wants more responsibility?

The answer: You should.

The college life can be a bubble, with everything laid out perfectly for someone to grow both academically and socially. But adulthood is soon around the corner. An off-campus apartment gives the student an opportunity to “adult” through the followings things:

  • Cook their own meals
  • Pay bills like rent and utilities
  • Learn how to manage time
  • Learn how to work with landlords

More responsibility means preparation for adulthood.

Three: More Freedom

That pesky RA won’t be bothering you in off-campus living, and neither will be that roommate you didn’t like.

Renting an apartment means more freedom:

  • To pick your own roommates
  • To not have roommates at all
  • To have a pet or not have a pet
  • To decorate the way you like
  • To invite whoever you want over to party or chill
  • To do what’s best for you

Be wary: It’s easy to let this freedom go to your head. Excessive drinking, drugs, and constant partying can lead to financial losses and suffering grade scores.

Four: More Fun

On-campus student housing has rules and many of them are designed to limit certain types of fun. Generally, on-campus student housing prohibits any drinking. Sex is made difficult due to the cramped quarters of the dorms.

Apartments for college students that are off-campus have no rules. You can have whoever you want over whenever you want. You can spend your entire day in a blanket fort if you want or walk around wearing nothing but underwear or nothing at all.

Alcohol is perfectly fine and having parties is perfectly fine.

Off-campus student housing, whether in the form of student suites or fully-furnished student apartments, is more fun than on-campus housing.

Five: More Flexibility

Downtown. Midtown. Right off campus. Out in the ‘burbs.

When you choose off-campus housing, you’re faced with choices. You can live anywhere in the city, depending on your income (or your parents’ income) and the price range. But this enables you to experience life in a way you haven’t before.

Some cities have bustling downtown areas that are walk-able. They may have art galleries at every corner.

A midtown might have hopping bars and great music.

The ‘burbs might be quiet enough to get some work done.

More freedom, more fun. And more flexibility.

Add cost-effectiveness and preparation for adulthood.

If you’re feeling stymied, cramped, bored, or just needing a change, off-campus housing presents opportunity to grow. And have fun as well.

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