Why Ceramic Anchors Vital for Concrete

Why Ceramic Anchors Vital for Concrete

Anchor failures can lead to catastrophic damage as demonstrated in the accompanying video. Sheer and tension failures in both the concrete and the steel anchors themselves are not uncommon with some designs where there are a dozen or more failure modes per connection. Overcoming these stresses by visualizing all of the different failure modes as well as the stress cone is a crucial step in the design process for all engineers, regardless if it’s a cast-in-place or post-installed anchor. Oftentimes, these stresses are the result of extreme temperatures or weight exceeding the load-bearing capabilities of the components used.

One of the best ways to combat these issues is through the use of ceramic anchors. When choosing to use a ceramic anchor instead of one of the more commonplace anchor types, you gain the advantage of a higher temperature capability as well as more load-bearing capacity due to the additional surface area in direct contact with the surrounding material.

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So if you have found yourself in a situation where traditional metal anchors are not feasible due to extreme temperatures, weight exceeding the limits of the anchors, or even exceptionally thick linings, a ceramic anchor is likely to be your best option.


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