How to be Aware of Our Own Implicit Bias

How to be Aware of Our Own Implicit Bias

Implicit bias refers to unconscious negative thoughts and attitudes towards a person or a group of people or things. The video above shows us the need for implicit bias awareness and how to prevent bias from severely affecting our relationships with those around us. There have been many studies on implicit bias and how it affects different individuals.

One of the ways to recognize our implicit biases is by taking a test on the Harvard University Project Implicit website.

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The fast answer questions help to assess one’s view of people similar or different from them. The test involves assigning positive or negative qualities to faces generated at random. With little time to think about the answers, the subconscious mind gives its opinion. In the end, the results will show possession of implicit bias.

One can also identify their implicit bias based on the people they surround themselves with. Furthermore, one can see unconscious biases at work. There may be a group of people that one may think are better at the job than others, whether true or not. Implicit bias identification ensures that you are aware of your own biases. This can help you hold yourself accountable and work towards creating a more equitable environment for everyone around you. .

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