Everything You Need to Know About a Shallow Well Pump

Everything You Need to Know About a Shallow Well Pump

Virtually all urban homes have access to water supply from their local utility companies. However, the same can’t be said for homes in rural areas; they often build their own water supply systems. But first, they must dig wells and get a pump to draw the water from the ground to the surface. According to the narrator in the video, a shallow well pump is ideal for wells under 25 feet; past that, homeowners need a deep well pump.

A shallow well pump is an above-ground water pump, meaning it doesn’t have submersible capacity.

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Its placed outside the well and secured under the housing to prevent it from weather elements such as extreme heat.

A shallow well pump is a suction pump powered directly instead of using an electrical circuit. It uses atmospheric pressure to establish a vacuum inside the pipe above the water. Once the vacuum has been established, the weight of the atmospheric pressure pushes the water to the surface providing water for the homeowner.

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