What Is a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal?

What Is a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal?

If you work with items that are pressurized, you probably have used a segmented carbon ring seal before. How much do you know about them? Keep reading to learn more about their applications today.

Carbon seals are meant to prevent gas or fluid from entering or escaping a sealed container. You can see these in practical applications like motorbikes and jet skis.

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They are also used in many different manufacturing systems like turbine engines. They create the seal by being placed in a low=pressure environment. You see a similar system on your sauce jar at home.

These segmented seals are used in large machinery like tankers, container vessels, and ice breakers. The number of segments needed in the ring seals is dependent upon the size of the machine they’re used in. You can often find a manufacturer that will offer the custom products that you need.

To learn more about these products and how they are produced, watch the video in this article. It talks a bit about o-rings, which are similar to carbon seal rings, except that they are made of rubber. Then, call a company in your area to ask about ordering the products you need for your manufacturing plant.


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