What You Didnt Know About Waste Removal

What You Didnt Know About Waste Removal

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What Is Waste Management?
It refers to collecting, transporting, and proper disposal of garbage, sewerage, and other waste products.

Types Of Waste
Liquid – It’s also known as wastewater and can be very harmful to the environment. It includes dirty water, oil, sludge, detergents, etc. They usually need to be contained, treated, and disposed of if unrecyclable.

Solid – This is waste found in commercial or industrial locations. They include; plastic, paper, scrap metal, glass, and ceramic.

Organic – These are mainly food and can also be referred to as biodegradable waste. Essentially, when adequately disposed of, it can decompose well.

Recyclable – These are items that can be broken down and used again. They include; metal, plastic, some organic waste, and furniture.

Hazardous – These include; toxic, flammable, and corrosive items. They can cause harm to people and the environment at large.

Wrapping Up
Now more than ever, society needs to participate in getting rid of the ever-increasing waste actively.

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