Easy Fence Repairs

Easy Fence Repairs

Fences take a lot of abuse from the wind and other weather patterns. This abuse leads to the need for repairs. To put yourself in the best position, we are going to take a look at some easy fence repairs that you can use at your home.

One of the most common fence repairs is a leaning fence. To fix this issue, you are going to need to work with the foundation of the posts.

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Dig out the dirt around the fence post so that you expose the concrete. Once all of the dirt is gone you can easily move the fence post so that it is standing up straight. Mix new concrete and place it into the hole with the fence post in the adjusted position.

Another fence repair is damaged posts. If a post is damaged you can fix it without having to remove the whole fence. Locate the damaged post and then take out the nails. When the nails are gone you should be able to take the post off the fence. In its place, you are going to put a new post. Hammer the new post into place similar to all of the other posts.


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