What Is a Seal Coating Process Like?

What Is a Seal Coating Process Like?

If you want to seal coat your driveway, you should learn more about the seal coating process. Even though you’re going to use a professional company, it’s good to know what will go on during the process. Keep reading to learn a bit more.

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First, all oil and debris will be removed from the surface. This is important, as you don’t want to lock unwanted materials under the seal coat. If you’ve had a seal coating done before, they will also have to strip the old coating. After that, the driveway is prepped for a new sealant!

The professionals will roll down the sealant with either a roller or a sprayer. They’ll need to wait for the first layer to dry before putting another down. This is so there are no bumps in the driveway as they put more layers of sealant down. Before anyone walks on the driveway, all the sealant should be dried down.

To learn more about the process of a professional seal coating, watch the video in this article. This is a technique that can be used on parking lots and driveways alike! Cal la company in your area to schedule an appointment today.


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