Little-Known Facts About Iron Work

Little-Known Facts About Iron Work

Iron work involves using metals to assemble a building’s framework. As an ironworker, you want to ensure that the building’s architectural component is done in accordance with the engineering drawings and as safely as possible. Mark Palmer gives an overview of the ironworks process in the YouTube video “Iron Workers Talk About “The Picture.

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While setting up a building’s framework, it bodes well for the ironworks group’s efficiency when every member sticks together, and there’s camaraderie. With commitment from every member, a building’s framework can be set up quickly and correctly.

Iron work also requires division of labor. First, you have a foreman who directs the unloading and placement of framework pieces. Next, you have the ground workers who assist in loading the metal pieces. Usually, you need two ground workers in a group.

An ironworks group should also have two connectors and a phone man. A connector should ideally have fast hands, and a phone man directs the crane operator as to where he wants the hook.

Defining the roles of each member boosts the efficiency of a group. It speeds up the ironworks process and you can move on to the next job.


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