Are You New to Real Estate?

Are You New to Real Estate?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re asked questions or required to engage in conversations revolving around terminologies in commercial real estate that you have no idea about, particularly for those just breaking into the industry. Don’t be worried, in this video, you’ll find 10 commercial real estate buzzwords that every Realtor ought to know.

The narrator painted clear and relatable scenarios for each of these buzzwords such that even someone with zero ideas about commercial real estate can get a feel of what these buzzwords mean and how they apply in the industry.

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One valuable skill newbies in commercial real estate need to learn is real estate financial modeling. A link through which you can access the financial modeling course is in the description of this video. This foundational skill has been taught to over 15,000 students and is guaranteed to help you land jobs at top real estate firms and do your first deals on your own, even though you are new to commercial real estate.
These foundational skills and buzzwords are pretty much the pivotal things you need to set the pace for a successful commercial real estate career.

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