How To Be More Eco Friendly

How To Be More Eco Friendly

With the growing attention that is being brought to looking for alternatives to plastic and single-use straws, this video introduces people to a new idea. Making eco friendly straws from seaweed, while the market for reusable straws has grown, an eco friendly seemingly single-use straw is a new concept that presents the foodservice industry with an alternative.

The video shows people how science and the ocean can keep plastic out but also bring around new ways to keep single-use straws on the market. Making it seem like the tip of the iceberg as to what this company is capable of achieving in the future.

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The concept that they are working with may lead to more discoveries of what can be replaced by seaweed.

Ideas about how seaweed can replace different plastics and keep other plastics out of the ocean in the future are as broad as people can imagine. A few years ago, people would not have imagined seaweed could replace single-use straws. Now the future of being able to keep plastic straws and possibly more things clogging our oceans is sky-high.

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