Introduction to Ecotoxicology

Introduction to Ecotoxicology

Are you looking for a major in college? Are you trying to protect the world from harmful pollutants? Then ecotoxicology might be for you.

You may be wondering what is ecotoxicology? Well, it is the branch of science that deals with nature and the things that negatively interact with it. This would involve you working in a chemical analysis lab seeing how certain substances affect the natural world around us.

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This can range from feeding studies with animals, to formulation testing to understand what is affecting, for example, plant metabolism. This sort of science is for those students who have a passion for all things living. When you think of forest fires and toxic waste being let out into the ocean, ecotoxicology is the study that helps tackle those issues and find solutions to make our world better. It also involves waste management practices to understand how to properly dispose of waste that could be harmful to the environment. So when you’re going to your next college class, envision your idea for your future. The plan is different for everyone, the difference is that in a field like this, you can really make a difference not just in one persons life, but for the world.

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