Coal Ash Ponds and Tailings Remediation Solutions

Coal Ash Ponds and Tailings Remediation Solutions

In this YouTube video, a representative of Heavy Pumps discusses coal ash remediation. He gives a real-world example of how the company has used its advanced equipment and unique expertise to deliver environmentally friendly water treatment solutions.

The company was called in to treat a seriously contaminated river.

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The latter contained sediment left by a chemical plant that had been dumping effluent into it for over half a century. The company faced a big challenge. The more hazardous soil is churned up the more negative environmental impact it can have. The cost to treat such hazardous sediment is very high. Heavy Pumps, therefore, aimed to pump the highest percentage of solids possible to reduce the cost of water treatment.

The company devised a solution to maximize the customer’s and EPA’s goals, minimize the sediment disruption, and maximize solids removal with the least amount of water necessary. Using a conventional pump would have pumped two times the amount of water, doubling water treatment costs, churning up settled sediment, and negatively impacting the surrounding ecosystem.

Heavy Pumps was able to pump up to 70% solids by weight using less water. The company employed a surgical position pumping program which lessened the impact on the surrounding environment and met over 90% of EPA’s performance criteria.

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