How do I install a drain?

How do I install a drain?

If you have the knowledge, then we have to know-how. Looking for wanting to learn how to install a drain? A channel drain is an effective way to collect and channel rainwater away from your home and property, preventing water from entering and collecting to cause water damage.

 Join NDS Pros as they gift you with a small helpful tutorial showing you how to install the “5-inch pro series channel drain kit. (Don’t worry if you need a larger size, they come in various size needs.) Here you learn the tools you need, and who to call all before you start any digging.

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This is vitally important for you never know what lurks underground. Calling your electric, cable, and sewer department can be also helpful in knowing if it’s safe to dig. Once you’re cleared, learn the two important methods (suspension method and rebar method) of drain installation. As well know which installation process works best for which situation. Will cars be driving over it? Is it just for your pool deck? Watch to find out why It matters!.

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