Does Private Schooling Make All The Difference? Recent Graduation Statistics Certainly Think So

Does Private Schooling Make All The Difference? Recent Graduation Statistics Certainly Think So

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Do you worry about your child’s education?

This is, believe it or not, a good sign as to their future. Many parents these days are musing over just how to get the most out of their child’s studies. No single education is exactly like another, after all, and embracing your children’s unique traits is one of the best ways to ensure they grow into a responsible and well-adjusted adult. Public schools aren’t always conducive to this desire and can, in some cases, even backfire on well-meaning parents. The advantages of private schools are a solution you can turn to when you fear your child isn’t blossoming to the fullest of their ability.

How Many Children Are Enrolled In Private School?

Believe it or not, private schools actually contest public schools in more areas than one. There are over 33,000 private schools across the United States, serving over five million children at any given point in time. They account for at least 25% of the nation’s school and boast an enrollment of 10% of all students between preschool and 12th grade. Local private schools are seeing a surge of new applicants and now has never been a better time to consider making the switch for your child.

How Large Are Private School Classes?

The biggest appeal for students frustrated in their educational environment are the smaller sizes of private schools. The average student-to-teacher ratio in a private school is 12 to one, which is the same average you would see at a college prep school. This gives the teacher ample opportunity to provide one-on-one attention. When this is sorely lacking in public environments your child’s grades can suffer, putting them in a much worse spot to prepare for college or a prep school.

What Do Parents Like About Private Schools?

Not only do children benefit immensely from the best elementary schools, parents have a lot to appreciate over the course of the school year. You won’t have to worry about qualifications, as nearly 80% of all private school teachers have an advanced degree. Safety concerns are also regularly brought up by parents worried about bullying or a lack of oversight, that of which local private schools address on a regular basis.

Will A Private School Increase My Child’s Chances Of Attending College?

Most parents want their children to attend college. Getting a degree vastly increases your young one’s chances of getting a good paying job and a steady career that grows with them, rather than against them. Of the over 300,000 private high school graduates back in 2010, nearly 65% went on to attend four-year colleges the following year. Even elementary school age children should be gaining a well-rounded education that will gradually steer them toward their career of choice. Local private schools are a wonderful option for children of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Should My Child Attend Private School?

Private schools are a keen option for parents unsatisfied with their child’s personal growth and hungry for superior options. They provide the benefits of a well-rounded education with a few additional factors that can make or break your child’s education. A 2016 report provided by Condition Of Education saw over four million students enrolled in a private school between prekindergarten and eighth grade, up a significant number just the year before. Nearly 90% of private schools have fewer than 300 students and boast more advanced security than more crowded public school environments.

Local private schools are always looking for new enrollment. Consider giving your child the gift of a private school curriculum and see the changes yourself over the coming weeks.

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