Are You Ready for a Lecture?

Are You Ready for a Lecture?

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Learning in general has really taken off. Whether it is a lecture people attend, an online lecture, online courses, meetings or events that people attend, people are flocking to advance their education, their careers and to enrich their own lives and the lives of others.
In the online lecture and the online learning world, it has been shown that, in 2013, over 6 million students were taking at least one online course. This study was done by the Babson Survey Research Group. Thirty two percent of students in higher education now take at least one online course. It?s a new and different world.
A lecture in the form of home learning or in the form of home study courses has become very popular too. Sixty eight percent of students love this online learning at home. It makes it easier to balance home, family and social obligations more fluidly. Sixty four percent of students say they also enjoy the lecture online flexibility because it allows them the freedom to study anytime, anywhere, even any place they want. This can sometimes be more conducive to producing good work. As students pursue this type of online studying, no doubt they are also keenly aware that, according to predictions, most jobs by 2020 will require a post-secondary education.
And it?s not just students who are a enjoying a lecture or two online or in a home study course. Adults are in on the trend, too. Seventy four percent of adults have taken some kind of enrichment activity to learn more about their personal interests. Be it a meeting, a course or an event, or a live or online lecture, life enrichment is big.
Of the adults who are still working, 63 percent partook of some kind of lecture, additional training or some course to enhance their job skills and their career advancement. No one can stand still these days.
And of the adults who pursued their learning for personal enrichment, many said they wanted to learn something to make them of more help to other people. Others had time on their hands and wanted to develop their personal interests. Still others had a hobby they want turn into something that could possibly produce income. In every way, whether it be in the form of a lecture, online courses or many other forms, education is on the rise.
A lecture, a meeting, a course, an event, even a home study course can lead to avenues unexplored and to expertise yet undiscovered that can be enjoyed and used to the benefit of others. Open your mind.

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