Curious About Private Middle School?

Curious About Private Middle School?

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Middle school is an exciting and challenging time for students and parents because it is a transition period between elementary school and high school. Many bright young students are anxious to attend high school because it is the gateway to college.

If this sounds like your child, have you considered sending them to a private middle school?

Quite a bit can be said about the benefits of private school education. In addition to having smaller campuses, 86% have less than 300 students. In addition to having smaller campuses and fewer students, private schools also have smaller classes. Each classroom teacher in a private school, for example, usually has 12.5 students.

What this means for your child is that they will receive more attention in their classes as well as with other school-based activities. One of the main reasons parents send their children to private schools, according to a 2007 Fraser Institute study, is due to teacher dedication. It was found that 91% of the parents surveyed claimed it was their primary reason.

When your child attends a private middle school, they will also have opportunities to participate in a variety of extra curricular activities, such as athletics. While a private preparatory middle school has superior academic standards, your child may also want to participate in an honors program. In addition to the school library, there are other resources and opportunities available for academic support and enrichment.

Many parents want their children to attend private religious schools. In 2011-to-2012, for example, 82% of the parents with children in these programs were “very satisfied” with the school program.

In some cases, parents prefer that their children be enrolled in “all-boy” or “all-girl” rather than co-educational programs. You may be interested to know that in 2011-to-2012, 96% of the existing private schools were co-educational, however.

You may also be interested to know that 80% of the parents recently surveyed are happy with the academic standards at their children’s private schools. Prior to making a final decision, you may want to create the opportunity to meet with other private school parents. When you contact a private middle school to discuss their program, be sure to ask if there is an open house scheduled for the near future.

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