What You Really Learn in Cosmetology School

What You Really Learn in Cosmetology School

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Cosmetology programs are a great career to get into. There is so much that you can do with a cosmetology license that people don’t even know about. Esthetician programs will typically only cover areas like skin care programs, basics of massage therapy and possible nail classes and nail care. However, cosmetology classes actually cover nail classes, skin care, massage therapy as well as hair care, styling, cutting, coloring and other areas of the hair. There is actually a lot to learn when you are going through cosmetology school. Here are a few things that will be brought up.

The Science Behind it All
Cosmetology school isn’t all hands on. Of course you’ll have the nail classes and the facial instructions and cutting practice but there is quite a bit of book work that has to be done. You’ll learn the anatomy of hair as well as skin and nails You’ll also need to learn about the chemistry involved in the coloring of hair. There’s a lot of chemicals that will be used in all areas so you’ll need to know how to safely go about doing that. You will also be taught how to understand the ingredients as well as how to properly interact with the clients.

The Basics of Skin Care
A good cosmetology program will continue on to skin care. While the skin care portion of this program will not be as extensive as an esthetician course, you’ll still learn how to diagnose and treat different conditions on the skin. You’ll likely learn how to do different type of facials as well as hair removal such as waxing and tweezing. Make up application is also part of the cosmetology program which includes learning about cleansers, toners and moisturizers.

How to Do Hair
Of course, the main thing that you will learn how to do is hair. You will learn how to cut different styles and textures using different cutting tools. Formulating hair color and the application of it is the next step. This part includes high lights, low lights and special affects coloring. Learning to blow dry and style hair is imperative but you’ll also be taught how to preform up do’s and different styles incorporating braids and down do’s. Men’s cuts and styles will be a part of the program as well although not as extensively as in a barbering program. Barber school will show you how to use a straight razor and a zero fade which is the main difference between the programs taught at both schools.

The Importance of Nail Care
Manicures and pedicures are on the program for cosmetology schools because in order to pass the State Board of Cosmetology exam, you have to include these subjects. Nail classes are short and sweet but still very much apart of the program. You’ll learn how to give manicures and pedicures as well as pressure points on the hands and hand massage techniques.

Preparation for State Board
As you near your graduation, you’ll start to focus on preparing for the state board exam. This includes a written and practical exam that you have to pass in order to receive your cosmetology license. You’ll be able to learn different tips and tricks and they might even pull in previous students that recently sat through and passed the exams to help you. You’ll take practice written and practical exams to show you what you can expect during the real thing. You’ll be timed during the real exam, so they may have to work on your timing as well when you are in school.

Once you are all done, your cosmetology license will allow you work in nail shops, hair salons, massage parlors and more. The schedules can be very flexible, allowing you to work from home, at a salon or go to people’s houses. You can put down and pick the career whenever you want as long as you are willing to work on building your clientele back up, every time. Whether you decide to focus more in the nail classes or the hair tutorials, you will be the best in whatever you concentrate on so try and excel in every area in order to give yourself the most chances that you can.

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