How to Survive High School and Have Fun

How to Survive High School and Have Fun

Various studies show that most people get their education from a local private high school. Some of these schools are religious-affiliated, attracting people from a certain religion. Yet, the popularity of such private high schools is thanks to the quality of education offered.

There are no specific rules or requirements regarding how to attend high school. Instead, each state provides guidelines that allow every qualified individual to get into the school system. The state will also help improve fairness, including protection against racial, ethnic, or status bias.

Can you take online classes while in high school? Yes. Various states allow you to complete your high school education as a distance learner. This program will enable you to take classes in relatively therapeutic environments, meaning you can complete education at your own pace. At the same time, you can enroll in high school online.

You could also opt for charter schools, which are tuition-free schools that receive public funding. However, while they are publicly funded, these schools are run independently. These institutions come with a charter school number. You can also be sure of relatively friendly charter school hours. This way, your time in school will be a little less strenuous in the long run.

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High school is a trying place to be. It seems that it either ends up being some of your best years or your worst but there is really no in between. Whether it be a private high school, a charter school, a public school, boarding school or any other type of educational facility, there is so much that goes on every day that has to be overcome. Here are a few tips for surviving high school and making it to college and the rest of your life, unscathed.

Make the Right Friends
High school is a social event as much as it is anything else, so you need to make sure that you surround yourself with the right people. However, even though it is a good thing to have fun, always keep in mind that your grades are more important that your social life. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you have the right friends:

  • Don’t think that someone is beneath you because they are not popular.

  • Be friends with people you can learn from. Student athletes, school library volunteers and music majors are all in very different groups but can all teach you something new.

  • Join a lot of different clubs and sports so that you can stay active and meat a lot of different kinds of people.

  • Don’t make friends with troublemakers and people who do shady things. Even if you are not joining them in their activities, you may be wrongly accused at some point.

Be a Good Student
Make sure that you do your homework and study hard. The most important part of schooling is the grades. That’s how you will get your start in life. Here are some ways that you can help yourself get good grades besides studying.

  • Pay attention to the teacher during class time. Sitting in the front could help you focus and not be distracted by the rest of the class.

  • Be on time to school and to each class. Teachers appreciate kids who are on time.

Basically, it comes down to doing your best no matter what. You may not be a straight A student but if you focus on improving and doing your best, you’ll be able to get there in no time.

Be Organized
One of the benefits of private school is that some places will actually teach you how to be organized at the beginning of the school year. Public schools do not focus on this so much, so if you are in a public high school, then you might want to make sure this is something you look into yourself. Here are a few tips for staying organized throughout the year.

  • Use a planner to mark when exams are and to carve out study time in your schedule. Use it to balance your social life and study time to make sure you have time for both.
  • Keep your books and binder organized in some sort of manner so that you don’t have to sort through everything before each class. Having an ‘everything’ binder where you keep all the miscellaneous notes and tasks is a bad idea and will only help you lose things.

  • Your locker should be kept need and tidy and used only for school items. An emergency kit with things like aspirin and band aids is not a bad idea either. You could keep an extra set of clothes in your locker in case you spill something or something happens to the clothes you are wearing.

Stay Involved
You should enjoy your time in school, not just get through. In order to really have a good time, you need to be actively involved in school activities. For example:

  • Have some school spirit. Go to pep rallies, games, dances and school plays. You’ll feel better about your school if you have an opportunity to be proud of it.

  • Volunteer at school community events even when they are not being held at the school.
  • Relax
    Make time to relax or you may end up getting burnt out. You should have a good balance of fun time and study time but most importantly make sure you are getting enough sleep. Sleep is incredibly important when you are in school because this is when your brain recharges and gets ready for the next day.

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