4 Career Path Options Made Available With an Interdisciplinary Degree

4 Career Path Options Made Available With an Interdisciplinary Degree

Psychology study

Are you thinking about going back to school? Are you an adult who wants to go back to obtain your degree, but you don’t know where to start as adult education is challenging? Are you looking for a degree program that is flexible and gives you the option to study exactly what you are looking for? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then a degree in interdisciplinary studies may be for you.

If you are headed back to college, here are some career paths you can consider with a degree in interdisciplinary studies.


If you enjoy helping people, then you should consider psychology. This is a field that studies the brain and how it works. A common career path you go into is to become a mental health advocate, and you can help people who suffer cope with their illness.

International studies

Like foreign languages and cultures? Then international studies is for you! This is a career path that can range anywhere from working with a non-profit organization, to working in foreign affairs. You will most likely have to specialize in a language when you go this route, which then opens new doors to translation as a career. After this, you can go on to study international law, international business, foreign diplomacy, or public health.


Writers do not necessarily need degrees in journalism and English. An interdisciplinary degree will require you to study numerous different skills and subjects, so potential companies will be able to notice your skill set in more than just writing. Considering the fact that social media and digital marketing is a growing trend, you may be able to get a job in that field as it encompasses everything an interdisciplinary degree offers.


Not many colleges offer pre-law courses, and if they do, it is very similar to an interdisciplinary degree. Good lawyers need to have a steady background in both English and history, and then require specialization with a masters degree.

These are just four options that can come with an interdisciplinary degree. The career path options truly do vary and range, so if you have any questions make sure to call a career counselor today.

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