What is an Arch Expander?

What is an Arch Expander?

Everyone dreads that trip to the dentist, while at the same time, everyone yearns for that perfect smile. Arch Expanders helps rectify dental issues like crossbites and overcrowding of teeth. There are several types of arch expanders as described in the video.

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Take a look at these types.

Quad-Helix Arch Expander

Some people have narrow upper jaws and that is where the quad-helix comes in handy. Narrow upper jaws can lead to wear on teeth, proportion issues, a narrow smile, and chewing difficulties. This expander helps rectify that. It has helix springs that make it easy to automatically adjust and expand, unlike other expanders that need manual adjustments.

Hyrax Rapid Arch Expander

This is the most common expander. It is made up of two metal wings with bands that are cemented by the orthodontist to your molars. It comes with an adjustable small screw at the center that allows it to expand using a specific key.

Removable Arch Expander

It is the least common type but ideal for people whose conditions need minimal adjustment. It has a screw at the center for adjustment. One can remove the expander while eating or brushing their teeth.

Final words

Like most dental procedures, arch expanders might cause discomfort and side effects like headaches and drooling. However, the result is worth it. They improve one’s smile and breathing and even boost one’s self-esteem.


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