What Can Surrogacy Parents Expect?

What Can Surrogacy Parents Expect?

This video provides some advice for surrogacy parents at the beginning of their journey, particularly looking at the reasons parents should always choose a surrogate whom they trust. This can be challenging for couples who’ve been trying for a child for many years, especially considering finding someone who will understand the situation and treat it with compassion and discretion. Parents may approach surrogacy with a sense of desperation, but saying “yes” to the first potential surrogate isn’t a great idea.

Although there are fewer surrogates than parents looking for a surrogate, it’s important for the surrogacy parents to be choosy.

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The surrogate should be someone who instills absolute trust in the parents that they will follow any agreement made to the letter. Aspects of this could include taking prenatal vitamins or agreeing to cut out physical hobbies such as horseback riding.

Surrogacy parents should expect that the person carrying their child gets a full medical exam before any commitment is made. Of course, during the pregnancy, there will be the usual number of scans and examinations, plus potentially additional ones that fall in line with the standard IVF (in vitro fertilization) process. It’s also important for surrogacy parents to remember that the surrogate themselves is sacrificing a lot to give an incredible gift to the waiting parents. Honest and open communication from both parties can make the whole surrogacy process easier for both parties.

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