What Questions are on the Real Estate Exam?

What Questions are on the Real Estate Exam?

Any exam can be nerve-wracking to say the least. For some people, taking tests produces an enormous amount of anxiety, even if they have studied a ton for it. When it comes to the real estate business, the real estate exam is one of the core elements you need to complete to become a certified agent. Though the exam can seem overwhelming at first, there are several other people in the same exact situation as you.

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There’s a ton of helpful guides to acing the exam online, and this video helps to outline some of the most common questions you can prepare to see on your real estate exam.

Clearly, this YouTuber doesn’t have the exact questions that are on the exam, only examples that help to introduce the general concepts of the questions. A lot of the real estate questions revolve around certain situations and asking the probable outcome. You are going to want to know the definition of FHA loans, unilateral and bilateral contracts, and zoning laws. You will also want to study basic government terminology. There are plenty of definitive flashcards for core vocabulary available online, so try and memorize definitions for real estate terms that may be used in certain problem-solving questions.


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