What You Didnt Know About AC System Repairs

What You Didnt Know About AC System Repairs

Anyone who owns a car knows how frustrating it is to have a broken air conditioning system. Proper diagnostics and the right instruments can aid with accurate ac system repairs. John Gardener and Bryan Gregory discuss how to diagnose and repair your air conditioning system in a video titled “AC System 101 Diagnosis and Repairing” on the YouTube channel “DIYGarageBryanGregorytv.

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To diagnose your air conditioner, you’ll need a gauge to see if the compressor is running, as well as other tests to figure out what’s wrong with the system. Begin by removing the refrigerant. Because you’ll be using more advanced tools, this process may require the assistance of a professional technician.

You may unplug the RTI machine and quickly remove the batteries to access the compressor after the refrigerant is empty. To remove the old compressor from the car, you must also detach the compressor’s low and high-pressure lines.

Understanding how the air conditioning system works might assist you in detecting when certain components are malfunctioning. The correct equipment, such as the gauge, can aid in the diagnosis of an AC problem.

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