Tips For Concrete Pumping Companies

Tips For Concrete Pumping Companies

Concrete pumping is an important service for the construction industry. Concrete is used in all kinds of industrial applications thanks to its strength and utility. Concrete pumping contractors like the ones in the video posted below bring concrete to construction sites in large concrete pumping trucks. These trucks are great tools for anyone looking to create a large structure from concrete.

Video Source

In the video, the host uses a concrete pumping truck to pour footers for a foundation. These footers are installed in pre-dug holes. Luckily, the pumper truck doesn’t have to get too close to the holes for the footers because the concrete can be transported via pressurized hoses.

To ensure the concrete flows smoothly, the concrete pumping contractors prime the system using a slippery slurry. This slurry has a different texture than the concrete that follows it, but it ensures the process begins smoothly and that the concrete doesn’t stick to the hose.

It’s important to ensure the truck is fully cleaned out after use. If the concrete is allowed to dry in any part of the system, cleaning it out could be close to impossible. The concrete pumping contractors use pressurized water to remove all of the concrete from the pumper truck.


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