An Example of a Simple RV Solar Setup

An Example of a Simple RV Solar Setup

RVs are perfect for traveling across the country, and they also function as tiny homes for many American families. While RVs are designed to be hooked into power sources at campgrounds or on other properties, many RV owners would prefer to have power any time and anywhere.

To solve this issue, many companies have developed solar power systems specific to RVs. But if you don’t want to hire a contractor to install one, you can instead follow the simple guide in the video on this page.

In the video, the host breaks down the essential components of any solar power system.

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This includes solar panels, charge controllers, batteries, fuses, breakers, and wires. As long as you have all of those components hooked together in the right order, your system will function perfectly.

The cost for this particular RV solar power system was less than $1000. This is mostly due to the low power needs of RVs. The power system mostly runs small lights and electronics and isn’t responsible for running the vehicle, which has its own separate, pre-installed power system.

If you’re ready to upgrade your RV and enjoy camping anywhere you have space to do so, try following the video or otherwise installing an RV solar power system.

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