Screen time is not recommended for kids under 2 Unplug your kids and explore other activities

Screen time is not recommended for kids under 2 Unplug your kids and explore other activities

Do you ever look at kids today and wonder how they are being raised by screens and televisions? I find myself talking to parents each day about the amount of screen time that is recommended for children and the statistics are staggering. Did you know that kids under the age of 2 should get no screen time at all. Preschool children between two and four should only get half an hour in a 24 hour time frame and it slowly goes up from there. I have seen kids planted in front of tablets and TVs for hours at a time in a complete trance and it is depressing to see them this way. So how can we help these kids to make the right decisions without nagging constantly?

First step is to become a good role model. When you find yourself scrolling or texting on your phone for hours at a time take a look around and watch to see of your child is paying attention. Chances are they are watching your every move and are going to copy you. Try to maintain a full conversation with your child if they have something to say, don’t look at them and your phone at the same time give them your undivided attention so that they will do the same for others.

If you plan on letting your child have screen time don’t let them use it in a disrespectful way. If they are speaking to you have them make eye contact. If they are going to eat at the table make them put the tablet away or turn the TV off. If they have a friend over do not allow them to spend all their time on a screen.

Encourage outside play and adventure. Summer can be a real screen time problem. Finding the right summer camp can be a challenge but if you know the types of activities you’re looking for you will be able to pick the best fit for your child. Summer camps can be themed to suit many different types of children. There is dinosaur camps, fitness camps, religious camps, adventure camps, sport camps and so much more. Finding the right summer camp is very important to keep your child entertained and having fun. They won’t even notice the fact that they don’t have a screen plastered to their faces because they will be having a great time making memories.

Choosing child care is an important decision. Preschools are all about staying away from screen time. Your trusted child care professionals are trained to keep the kids busy throughout the day creating, learning, making friends, and enjoying their little lives. 87% of five year old’s in the United States were enrolled in preschools in 2015. Preschool preps your little ones for the social changes and acceptance of grade school and is such a great way to get started on their journey.

The best ways to nurture a child and stay unplugged is to keep them enrolled in things that make them happy. So focus on finding the right summer camp, enrolling in preschool, and being a great role model for your little ones and you will be just fine.

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