Balancing Work, School And Family How Online Classes Are Finally Giving Students More Options

Balancing Work, School And Family How Online Classes Are Finally Giving Students More Options

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Why are online classes starting to hold more appeal for today’s students than traditional classroom settings?

It’s important to note that traditional classes are here to stay. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a significant portion of the population enjoying, and even preferring, the unique benefits brought by online learning. Today’s perspective on what constitutes a fulfilling education is beginning to shift, with old misconceptions tossed out in favor of new, flexible and accommodating structures. Should you or your child be chafing under old-fashioned models, online classes are available to give you another angle to explore. Learn more about the benefit of home study courses by reading below.

Education is expensive. It’s not just student loans and lab fees that see students being drained of their hard-earned money. It’s also the commute, daily meals and additional supplies to weather each week. Online classes chip away at many of these seemingly permanent staples of modern education by allowing people to study wherever they have internet connection, promoting flexibility while still keeping a high standard of quality. Let’s continue to look at why online courses are only going to flourish from here.

Balancing work and school is difficult for a lot of reasons. The most notable is being able to maintain an active social life with friends and family. The other is to keep one’s energy in-tact while still addressing multiple obligations. It’s not uncommon for school or work or both to suffer on the way toward a larger goal and online classes offer an alternative that’s starting to see some serious results. Over 70% of students in a survey about education said they love home study classes for the improved ability to balance work, home and family.

Another common concern is location. Some students are able to move halfway across the country to study at a prestigious university of their choice. Others are restricted to their city because of their budget, family obligations or both. Around 65% of students admitted they deeply appreciate the ability to study anytime and anywhere they choose, giving their schedule freedom they once thought denied to them. Another 45% of online students stated their biggest motivation to enroll in home study classes was to advance their career.

A common misconception is that online classes are less valuable or less strict than traditional settings. Just like your average classroom regular attendance, participation and strong research skills are the difference between a successful student and an unsuccessful one. Visual learners comprise the majority of the population at 65%, that of which online classes rely on to transmit the majority of its study materials. Visual aids in the classroom have been proven to improve learning by up to 400% and a recent study saw the human brain processing visual information much faster than text.

What’s the overall consensus on home lectures? One study saw 65% of personal learner stating this learning method helped them connect with more like-minded people, while another 60% said they were happy to have extra time on their hands to pursue their interests. An extra two or three hours in the day can mean the world for students otherwise struggling with daily commutes, a lack of sleep or dwindling social life. For those who want to further their education but still maintain a healthy and balanced life, online classes are the way of the future.

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