Three Careers Outside of the Traditional College Route

Three Careers Outside of the Traditional College Route

I need help finding a job,” was what she said. She’d been applying diligently for all the job openings she could find, including the ones for which she wasn’t qualified. I could feel her desperation, and I knew I needed to help.

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We made plans that day to meet the next day and dive head-first into a coordinated job search.

Maybe you’re in a similar position. You’ve tried refreshing your resume, launching out into jobs meant for people with less professional work experience, and even googled things “apply a job near me”, or just started applying for all job openings, like my friend.

If you need money right this very second, try performing a job search for “all jobs hiring now.” Getting those jobs to the top of a search may involve choosing certain conditions on job search boards before running the search. Start narrowing down the available positions by skillsets that have something in common with your previous experience. For example, if you have phone experience, learning how to apply for office jobs in a different industry than your previous one might help you gain some traction.

For others, some may need to retrain in something slightly different but aren’t interested in getting another college degree. Perfect starter choices for this route include the culinary arts, entry-level medical positions, or HVAC certification.

How to become a medical assistant

Individuals who are interested in student centered education should consider the benefits of special schooling that can benefit a desired career path. Those could be anything, from studying culinary arts to becoming a medical assistant. Although some colleges may offer these options for learning, students will be able to find even more options when they fully explore what types of education are out there. Below are three types of career paths that can offer plenty of opportunities and financial stability for anyone who wants to focus on their future.

Culinary Arts Can Provide a Long and Steady Career Path

Any individual who wants to find students centered education that offers many different opportunities need look no further than culinary schools. It is projected that the need for bakers will increase over 5% from 2014 to 2024. That means anyone who wants to work with food will find many different opportunities in cooking and creating different foods for public consumption. Opportunities are present in the form of work at restaurants, hospitals, schools, and a variety of other centers that require individuals who can cook and prepare meals for hundreds of people a day.

Medical Positions Are Constantly Growing In Different Areas

Any individual that wants to go into the medical field will find no shortage of opportunities available to them when they pursue student centered education. Although most people think of nursing or doctors, there are many other positions that are needed in a medical center. This could range from working as a pharmacy technician or even being a medical assistant. For those who would rather do behind-the-scenes work, there is expected to be a surge in fields such as medical billing and coding, which is needed for insurance purposes. This field is expected to increase to over 14% by the year 2024. Some individuals might feel concerned about the hours they will be expected to work in the medical field. If one wants to work as a medical assistant, they will likely be able to keep the same hours as doctors. That is because over 55% of medical assistants work in a doctor?s office, ensuring they work when the doctor works.

HVAC Technicians Can Make Quality Money in an Interesting Setting

HVAC technicians travel from home to home or even business, as they fix and install air conditioning and heating units. Although this work may seem simple, it is actually skilled in nature, and most technicians make over $40,000, at least. Because this type of work can take place in a variety of different settings, it offers change for people who like to have different scenery.

There are many different careers for individuals who want to learn in a setting that offers student centered education. Technical colleges can offer training in positions such as being a medical assistant or pharmacy technician, within the medical field. Those that look to cook can work in the culinary arts, while individuals who enjoy working with their hands may excel in a career as an HVAC technician.

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