Why More Students Should Consider Signing Up For Online Learning

Why More Students Should Consider Signing Up For Online Learning

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Nobody learns in the same way. Everyone has their own unique struggles, lifestyles and personal progress. When traditional learning methods don’t properly reflect this diversity, it can be difficult for students to achieve their high school diploma and eventually expand into the world of community college and universities. If you’ve found yourself struggling to get the education to thrive, blended learning models may be what you’re looking for. An accredited online school can provide you the flexibility and freedom you need to get an education while still addressing the basics covered in traditional classroom models. Alternative high school options are only becoming more widely accepted from here and, with ongoing statistics revealing surprising figures, this trend won’t be dying out any time soon.

What Do People Struggle With In Traditional Schools?

Traditional school models aren’t for everyone. This fact is only becoming better understood as time goes on and graduation rates fluctuate due to extenuating circumstances. Studies have shown 20% of high school seniors in the United States don’t feel like they’re getting the proper attention they need to thrive in math class, with two in five high schools not offering physics courses according to data provided by the U.S. Department Of Education. For students who feel like they’re school isn’t offering them the tools they need to succeed, hybrid learning schools and independent online education is the resource many are choosing to turn to instead.

Why Do Schools Have A Hard Time Meeting Certain Standards?

There are multiple reasons contributing to the slow decline of traditional classroom techniques and indirectly promoting blended learning models. The majority of both public and private schools will have 30 students or so for every single teacher, meaning actual one-on-one attention is woefully limited and under-equipped to properly address each student’s unique learning curve and difficulties. The academic year for 2013 and 2014 saw over 440 full-time virtual schools enrolling nearly 260,000 students, with blended learning models providing the majority in learning techniques.

How Are Learning Environments Changing In The Future?

While online education isn’t as widespread as traditional education, these figures are slowly but surely reversing as technology improves and awareness spreads. Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School believes that, by the time 2019 comes around, 50% of all classes between kindergarten and senior year will be taught online. This can include hybrid learning (a mixture of traditional and online), full-time online and high school alternatives.

Is An Independent High School Or Online School Right For Me?

Do you struggle to reach a satisfying level of progress in your high school? Do you worry about getting your high school diploma and applying for college? Hybrid learning schools or a full-time accredited online school can give you the resources you need to finally reach your true potential — these are designed from the ground up to be more flexible than traditional learning methods while still delivering on all fronts. In the ‘2013 Trends In Online Learning’ survey, over 60% of parents who responded said they loved how online schools allowed students to work at their own pace. Consider looking up an online school next time your grades start dipping and see how you can’t find a new way to cement old-school basics.

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