What the Top Private Schools Can Do for the Future

What the Top Private Schools Can Do for the Future

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Getting a good education is important. It is not important just because society says so, and because the expectations of said society are that you follow a predetermined formula for your life in order to attempt to obtain “success,” as defined by someone else. Education is important because without it, there is no real way for our species to progress.

Yes, we need intelligent individuals who understand complex concepts and ideas in order for all of us to advance in science, medicine, technology, and more. But just as crucial as the education obtained from books is the education that guides people how to live together in peace with each other and with the planet. Education that teaches people how to think critically and solve a problem instead of teaching exactly what to think is key.
Many private schools have the opportunity to make this shift in education and become the leaders in promoting the proper and authentic way to teach up and coming generations.

What are qualities that top private schools have?

Some of the top private schools across the country boast about their major financial contributors, or their impressive athletic programs, or statistics showing the success of their former students. Yes, student achievements should be celebrated, but because of the hard work that has been put in, and because those students or former students are striving to make a real difference in the world, not because they have obtained bragging rights or a job that pays better than others. There needs to be a major shift in the way that success is perceived. Priorities need to shift, and the top private schools should be the ones that are focusing on what truly matters.

Examining the benefits of private school education

Whether you are looking for good private preschools or high schools or any stage of schooling in between for your child, there are certainly multiple factors to consider. Location and tuition are some of the basic logistics, but beyond that, you will want to get to know the mission statement of the institution, understand the general approach toward education, and become familiar with some of the teachers and their methods. One of the most important aspects is finding a school that aligns with your desires for your child to earn that higher level of education that is focused on the harmony of human beings with each other and our surroundings.

Once you find the right school for your child, you will likely be quite pleased with the difference in quality between the private school and the public schools that are also available. There are indeed many quality public schools, with teachers and educators who go far above and beyond the call of duty for their students. However the public school system in this country is due for a major overhaul in order to improve in ways that are best for students. When it comes to the top private schools, about 80% of parents reported being pleased with the academic standards of the institution, and a solid 91% of parents said that the biggest factor that led them to putting their child in private school was the dedication of the teachers.

Currently, about 24% of the schools across the country are private. Around 10% of all students from preschool through high school are enrolled in private schools. While this is the minority of children, it could be the start of something bigger. Private institutions have the chance to educate the youth of today to become the true leaders of tomorrow, not because of their future bank accounts or political ties, but because of how they treat their fellow human beings. There is a better way for humanity to function, and it will only be achieved through education and a better upbringing of the new generations.

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