Fast Track Your Child to Success in Adulthood With a Private School Education

Fast Track Your Child to Success in Adulthood With a Private School Education


It seems that the push for a competitive education is starting younger and younger these days. Starting in the right pre-school can be important for some children and their families and be a sign of prestige. Many private preschool and elementary schools often try to lure parents in by boasting of a more rigorous curriculum, better test results (in elementary school), and other accolades. Indeed, academy middle schools are becoming highly sought after as a great stepping stone from elementary to high school curriculum and the rigors students will face in high school. Parents certainly have their children’s college education in mind right from the beginning and those with the means to do so will often opt for a private school education, viewing it as a more challenging and competitive environment that will foster their children’s learning and other skills. Smaller classroom sizes and networking opportunities also make private schools more attractive to parents.
Tell Me About Private School Numbers and Ratings
Private schools are traditionally small, with over 85% having under 300 students enrolled. There are 30,861 private schools in the United States that offer an education to over five million students in grades from Pre-K to 12th grade. They comprise about a quarter of the nation’s schools and enroll 10% of the nation’s students. Between 2011-2012, over 95% of the private schools were found to be co-educational and the remaining 4% was split evenly between girls’ and boys’ only establishments.
Their ratings are good — just about 100% of private school seniors who attended in the fall of 2010 had graduated by the fall of 2011. Of the 2010-2011 private high school graduates (there were over 300,000), just about 65% were attending four-year colleges by the fall of 2011. According to NCES data, almost 90% of private high school students wind up applying for college, versus under 60% of high school students who attend public schools.
What’s the Draw to Private Schools?
From private elementary schools to academy middle schools, parents have consistently been flocking to private schools. There are now even some private preschools, since research has shown a child’s early years are some of the most important in their life in terms of learning. Children who attend preschool do 20% better on math and reading tests in kindergarten, according to recent research.
Many parents also believe private schools offer a better quality of learning, thanks to smaller classroom sizes. Whether it’s an academy middle school or a private high school classroom, each teacher oversees around 12.5 students, versus one teacher surveying 15.4 students in a public school setting.
The smaller classroom lets students have more personalized time with their teacher and since tough admissions policies are applied to these private institutions, most of the children are along the same learning curve, which means that teachers can teach at a more advanced level.
In 2007, the Fraser Institute released a study that revealed over 90% of parents who enrolled their children in private schools did so because they felt the teachers were more dedicated. Around 80% were satisfied with the academic standards as well.
ny feel are also higher in private schools.
What Does It Take to Enroll My Child?
Whether you’re looking for entry into an academy middle school or private high school, you should prepare for tests, which determine admittance. There may also be a formal admissions process, which includes visits and interviews — not dissimilar to college admissions!
Many private schools are religious, so you’ll want to be sure that the private school you choose aligns with your views. Be prepared to visit a variety of schools as well, just as with college admissions; if you’re set on a private school education for your child, you want to be assured of entry to at least one.
Private schools have many advantages that can set your child on an advanced path to success. He or she will not only experience advanced book learning, but also important social skills during his or her time at the school. Get them started on the fast track to success early!

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