Why Send Your Child to Private School?

Why Send Your Child to Private School?

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When it comes to children, one of the most important aspects in their lives is their education. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is getting good quality education from a staff who cares about the well being of the students. To do so, you may be considering transferring your student to a private middle school or private high school to help them get ahead. Let’s take a look at the research done on students that attend a private schools and how a private high school can be beneficial to your child.

Private High School Statistics

According to research, there are 5.3 million PK-12 students, which is 10% of all PK-12 students, attending 30,861 private schools, which accounts for 24% of the nation’s schools. Larger cities tend to enroll more students, with nearly 1.5 times the amount of students enrolled compared to public schools in the same cities.

One of the biggest differences within a private high school is that the classes are generally only made up of 300 students. This is true for 86% of private schools. The average private school is less than half the size of an average public school. Smaller classes allows teachers and staff to have time to focus on each individual child and provide them with the education they need.

Better Grades

An attractive aspect of attending a private high school is the greater quality in the education system. Many students obtain better grades in private schooling than they do in public schools.

Preschool students have shown a rating of 21% better grades on math and reading tests. Three separate studies that were conducted showed 80% of children who participated in preschool programs outperformed students who did not enroll in a high quality care and education program.

Older students who are starting preparations for college by taking the SAT test also show a great improvement in their scores. While the average national SAT scores are 497 in reading, 514 in math and 489 in writing, students from private schools show an average of 541 in reading, 579 in math and 550 in writing.

Student athletes are also held to a higher standard, with rules in place that require them to have decent grades in all their classes before they are able to participate in the sport of their choice. This helps the students strive to be better or get extra help when needed so they can maintain a good grade and get out on the field, or court, to play.

Safety and Dedication

Safety in schools and teachers who are dedicated to the well being of the students are important to all guardians. The Fraser Institute conducted a study in 2007 which concluded that 91% of parents stated the dedication of teachers was the main reason they chose to send their child to a private school. The same study also showed that 72% of those parents strongly believed that the private school system was much safer for their children.

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