Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Too Cool For School The Importance of A Good Education

Why Your Kids Shouldn’t Be Too Cool For School The Importance of A Good Education

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Everyone knows that their child’s education is key to their success later on in life. Whether or not it’s academic, personal, or socially, school prepares children for entering adulthood and instills values or habits in them that can be beneficial for their entire lives. Naturally, some parents have anxieties about the best school to send their child to and competition for those “best schools” can be fierce. The debate almost always centers around private versus public schools, especially in high school, where standardized test scores can determine a young person’s path. Although most people go through public school and receive an excellent education, some parents feel the prestige and education their children receive is worth it.
What Do Kids Learn From School?
Obviously kids learn the necessary subjects in school that will eventually advance them in their careers. However, there are other lessons to be learned from attending school, even from a young age. For example, did you know that kids who go to preschool do over 20% better in math and reading in kindergarten than children who don’t go to preschool. Additionally,it’s been shown in three different studies that 80% of kids who went to preschool programs performed at a much higher level than their peers who did not.
Kids also learn social skills. Student athletes learn how to work together with others towards one common goal, taking the lead in projects can help foster leadership, and public speaking opportunities in school can let kids work on their public presentation. An honors program may let kids study topics they find interesting and enjoyable. It pushes them to work harder and excel in their academics.
In high school, kids also figure out how to interact with their peers in a meaningful way. Strong friendships are formed here and often, young people have their first taste of romantic relationships in high school.
Why Private School?
Okay, but let’s go back to the private school business. With over 30,000 private schools in operation and housing over 5 million kids, they’re a steadily growing aspect of the education system. A lot of private schools are centered in cities — they get nearly one and a half times the enrollment that public schools get. There may be a few reasons for this:

  • Dedication and Education
  • In 2007, the Fraser Institute ran a study and over 90% of the parents who chose private school cited teacher dedication as the top reason. Many teachers in public schools get burnt out or frustrated by the strict state and government regulation of public schools. Private or independent schools have a bit more freedom and often have a higher standard to keep only the best and brightest students within their walls.

  • Safety
  • The Fraser Institute ran another study that showed over 70% of parents agreed with the statement that the school their child attended was safe. Naturally, this is another issue of high importance.

For those parents who want their child to have a top rate school experience — whether in elementary, middle, or high school — but can’t afford a private school, don’t despair. There are still excellent public schools available.

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