The Advantage of a Montessori Education

The Advantage of a Montessori Education

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When Maria Montessori developed the first Montessori school in 1907, she did so to help children with mental disabilities and those who were economically discouraged. Today the Montessori philosophy is still regularly applied in preschools and daycares due to its multi-age classrooms, special set of educational materials, student-focused work periods, collaborative and mentoring environment, and absence of traditional curriculum. Studies have shown that students of the Montessori curriculum are more academically and socially prepared than their peers. Here is the core of their philosophy so you can learn all about Montessori schools.

Learning with Music
A private Montessori school emphasizes individual expression and creativity as the arts play a major role in the Montessori philosophy. Research has shown that music helps children develop social and academic skills. Students that are involved in music not only do better in reading and math once they start kindergarten, but they also play better with others and generally have a higher self-esteem than their peers. Research has shown that students who are exposed to facts, vocabulary terms, phone numbers, and even days of the week while listening to music have a higher retention rate than students who simply memorize the rote. Some public schools have decided on keeping music in schools thanks to this research.

Artistic Expression
Because of their emphasis on art, a private Montessori school will frequently have their students use paint, glue, clay, and a variety of other media to create collages and other abstract art pieces. Studies have shown that both creating and looking at art has a number of positive influences on a child’s intellectual, emotional, and social development. Art allows children to organize and develop thoughts and patterns, which eventually can promote writing skills. Montessori private schools offer proven advantages as one of the leading pre-K curriculum programs in the United States: give your child the advantage of a Montessori education and encourage lifelong learning.

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