The Benefits of Private Education Every Parent Should Read This!

The Benefits of Private Education Every Parent Should Read This!

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An excellent education is an extremely important factor in facilitating a bright future for your child. While college is a long ways away for parents with children in preschool, creating a clear path to success through education is vital to ensuring a child’s future success. For example, children who attend preschool do up to 21% better on kindergarten math and reading tests compared to children who do not attend preschool.
With that desire to create an early path to success comes questions of education quality. While public schools can offer quality education, there are incontestable benefits of providing your child with a private middle school, high school, or preschool education.
While private schools are knocked for their exclusivity, research suggests that a smaller school environment can significantly benefit your child’s educational growth. With 86% of private schools containing less than 300 children, their small size enables more individual focus on students’ educational needs. Smaller classroom sizes and more specialized attention means better grades, and better grades enable students to get into better colleges and universities. Studies have shown that teens from private high schools scored significantly higher on their SATs, as compared to public high schools.
Attending a private school can also help mitigate and ease social pressures that are often associated with adolescence. Most privately educated schools require students to wear a uniform, or institute a dress code at the very minimum. Particularly around the ages of 10-14, attending a private middle school eases a great deal of social pressure to dress a certain way and to buy into brand labels. Uniforms also even the playing field, putting everyone at the same level, regardless of socioeconomic background or fashion sense. This enables students to get to know one another based on personality rather than sartorial choices, and minimizes distractions, allowing children to focus on learning.
Getting a private education offers a slew of benefits for children, paving an early and clear path to a successful future.

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