Best Birthday Ever! Where to Throw Your Child’s Birthday Party

Best Birthday Ever! Where to Throw Your Child’s Birthday Party

Indoor party places for kids

When your child’s birthday comes along, it’s an exciting time. It’s not only the time they become one year older, but it’s also an anniversary of the time you became a parent – and both deserve to be celebrated. But how, and where, and doing what? What are the best places to have birthday parties for kids?

Make it Age-Appropriate and Kid-Focused
Remember, there’s a difference between kid-chosen and kid-focused. You’re still the parent and you still need to make the plan. The best way to find places to have birthday parties for kids is to think of your child’s and child’s guests’ hobbies. Do they like art? Do they like to dance or act or be on stage? Which of their friends are they inviting and what needs and expectations do those kids (and their parents) have? To find the best places to have birthday parties for kids, just find the best places for kids in your area, period. What are the places in your area that offer art classes for kids, dance classes for kids, or acting classes for kids? Is there a summer camp for kids your child enjoys? Pick your child’s favorite, or decide for the group, and if it’s dancing, find the best dance classes for children around; if it’s shared play with parents, find the best mommy and me classes around.

Keep It Active!
Did you know that the average number of hours a kid in the United States spends in front of a television is up to 7 1/2 hours? Or that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a list of recommendations about children’s health?
The CDC recommends:
– 60 minutes of physical activity a day to maintain their healthy weight
– that the exercise children get is age-appropriate (like an indoor playground for kids — or younger, an indoor playground for toddlers — and dance classes for kids)
– aerobic activities (like playgrounds or mommy and me workout classes) happen three times per week

Indoor playgrounds aren’t just good for your child’s physical health, either. A child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development is affected by many things, and play is an important part of all of that development. Plus, by utilizing indoor children activities, you’re also getting a safe, clean, and weather-free environment for your party and guests. Want to alleviate even more stress from you as the party planner? Bring in or go somewhere that offers teachers or leaders for the fun children activities you have in mind. For example, if your child wants a swimming birthday party, find mommy and me swim classes so you’re not the sole responsible party. If your child wants messy, arty fun, find painting classes for children in your area.

Keep all this in mind, and you’re sure to not only find the best places to have birthday parties for kids, but the best place for your kid’s birthday party specifically. Congratulations, enjoy, and of course, Happy Birthday!

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