Texas Private School Asks Fans Not To Cheer At Their Basketball Game For a Surprising Reason

Texas Private School Asks Fans Not To Cheer At Their Basketball Game For a Surprising Reason

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Whether they’re considering enrolling their child private kindergarten schools or a more traditional preparatory academy, most parents pay the most attention to the academic and intellectual benefits of private school. However, at many academies, the potential for ethical and emotional development is just as compelling. Take a private high school in Waco, TX as an example: recently, the institution’s basketball team asked their fans not to cheer for them for a surprising and heartwarming reason.

When it comes to both academics and athletics, Vanguard College Preparatory is one of the top schools in Texas. In contrast, the Gainesville State School is a correctional facility, well known for its football program but limited in many ways. But despite their apparent differences, the Vanguard Vikings made a surprising gesture of sportsmanship before facing off against Gainesville’s high school basketball team, the Tornadoes: two players realized that Gainesville would have few supporters in the bleachers and asked their own fans to cheer for the opposing team instead.

While the request likely caught some off guard, the Vanguard fans quickly complied. By the time the Tornadoes entered the private school’s field house, they found themselves surrounded by cheering fans, signs of support and even their own cheerleaders. It was a welcome change for the players, many of whom noted that their families were too busy to make it to their games.

Following the match, several students at Vanguard have made comments about the importance of encouragement, support and compassion in sports, leaving no question that the gesture was no fluke. Meanwhile, the Gainesville players have called the experience something they will never forget. But the impact of the game hasn’t been limited to Texas: a video of the inspiring game was posted to YouTube on March 1 and has since received more than 400,000 views. With this evidence, it is clear just how beneficial a supportive environment can be to a student’s academic, athletic and ethical development. If you’re thinking about enrolling your child in private school, remember to consider how the experience can help build character you can be proud of.

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