Early Child Care An Investment In Your Child’s Future

Early Child Care An Investment In Your Child’s Future

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Did you know that the average 4-year-old asks nearly 450 questions per day? How to flowers get grown? Where does sand come from? Why do Bobby and Sally have newer cars than us? While a child’s daily interrogation may seem daunting, it’s actually a great sign. During the first few years of life, humans are able to absorb far more information at one time than they ever will be able to do again. So, while your child in still in sponge mode, it’s important that he or she spends plenty of time with grown-ups who are ready to field at least half of those 450 questions. Which begs the question: what sort of enrichment options does your child have?

Pre-school is a big step! Pre-school inspires independence and helps children feel confident in dressing themselves, styling their own hair and forging a path for themselves. Don’t feel bad about separating for your child! By age 4, 80% of children are participating in pre-school are daycare. And more importantly, those who attend pre-school are 24% more likely to attend university. Choosing a daycare can be tough but your community is your best resource. Where do your neighbors children go? What kind of day care activities are you interested in? From art to dance to sports to academics, there are all kinds of things to dabble in during early child care.

Day Care
Pre-School and day care, while frequented by the same aged children, are not the same. Pre-school is just what it sounds like: school. It emphasizes learning, Day care, however, is more like being with a baby sitter. It’s more of a supervision level. But day care is still great in terms of socialization. Day care readies children for personal, social and emotional development. These child care facilities offer much more free play than pre-school. Depending on your parenting type, that might actually be preferable.

You’ll have many more decisions to make once choosing between these options. Maybe you’ll compare private schools or look into summer child care.The road to raising children is paved with wondering who can raise your children while you are busy! But with the right amount of research to compare private schools, it won’t be too daunting.
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