The Top Three Benefits of Outdoor Summer Learning Activities for Kids

The Top Three Benefits of Outdoor Summer Learning Activities for Kids

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There’s always a lot of hubbub about summer activities in the community for children once May comes around, but what do children really get out of it? Here are the three main benefits of these summer learning activities for kids:

1. Physical

When summer rolls around, a lot of adults aim to use the fine weather, extra daylight, or extra time to get in shape. That exercise need not be exclusively for adults though! You cannot be too young for good health by any means. Whether it is taking a dance class or just having a recess break on the playground, children learning activities outdoors can be a great outlet for energy that helps keep them in shape and having fun! Summer learning activities for kids make for healthy and happy kids in that way.

2. Mental

One pitfall of the summer vacation is the extra time. On average, children indoor activities now consists of an overwhelming amount of television. Children spend almost eight hours in front of a television or computer screen in the United States on average. Since children are meant to get about eight hours of sleep and typically spend eight hours in school, that leaves very little if any room for constructive activities, so the summertime is a perfect opportunity to break in more healthy television habits. With the good weather, give your children fun activities to replace television to help moderate the time they spend watching it! It will help them stay more mentally alert and on top of their game.

3. Social

Whether it is at free Mommy and Me classes or some other activity with other children, summer learning activities for kids allows them more time than ever to interact with other people and build their social skills. As they grow older, these skills will only become more important, so it is crucial to build a strong foundation while the children are still young! How will you keep your children busy this summer?
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