Does Your Company Offer Corporate Childcare?

Does Your Company Offer Corporate Childcare?

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Did you know that the day care movement originated with the welfare and reform movements of the 19th century? Because of this, billions of children have spent time with day care providers at some point in their lives to help parents manage both their careers and their families. However, we know more now about how children grow and develop now than we did in the 19th century: we know that a two year old child is more active at this age than at any other time in their lives, that a three year old has developed around 1,000 trillion synaptic connections as they learn about the world, and that a four year old can ask an average of 437 questions in a day. It is clear from this data that the ages in which children are most likely to need daycare are a significant time for the development that will affect a child for the rest of their lives. Therefore, when it comes to choosing one of the childcare options for working parents, it is important to ensure that you pick one that will provide good support for your child while also remaining convenient for you to stop by in the case of a problem, or simply to allow you to witness some of the changes your child is going through as they age. For this reason, corporate childcare solutions are becoming an increasingly common choice for both companies and their employees.

Corporate daycare facilities are typically offered onsite or at a separate location close to the company’s location. Many corporate daycares are run by independent contractors that staff the centers with their employees. Because of this, a corporate childcare facility is likely to be staffed by experienced, trained professionals who are qualified to perform childcare services in your area. Additionally, because this service is offered through the employing company, the costs of corporate childcare solutions are often subsidized or paid by the company. This is a significant difference from typical daycare services, for which 90% of the costs are assumed by the parents.

It can be difficult to find trustworthy, reliable child care. However, many companies invest in corporate childcare solutions because of the benefits it offers both employers and employees: corporate daycare makes an employer more desirable to potential workers and helps them retain current workers, while the employees have access to the daycare services they need to balance their career and family. And these benefits are not going unnoticed: more than 80 of the companies listed in Working Mothers magazine’s “Top 100 Companies for Working Mothers” offer corporate childcare to their employees. If you need daycare services, don’t compromise your child’s development: research corporate childcare solutions today.

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