The Top Three Things to Check Out Before Leaving Your Child at Employer Provided Daycare

The Top Three Things to Check Out Before Leaving Your Child at Employer Provided Daycare

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Childcare in the workplace can be a risky venture. When an employer offers childcare, it can be more cost effective and efficient to leave your child there, but it is not always the right call. Here are three things you should check out before you drop off your child:

1. Make Sure the Corporate Daycare is Conducive to Intellectual Growth

In the first few years of a child’s life, the child learns far faster and more efficiently than they will ever learn again. It’s really important to make sure that the day care providers you leave your child with are taking advantage of that fact. There should be plenty of stimulating activities planned out for the children to participate in as well as activities geared toward more traditional fun.

2. Make Sure the Corporate Childcare Provides a Stimulating Environment

A two year old child may seem simple or easy to care for, but they are more active at that time in their life than they ever will be again. Because they are so active, it is important that they have an equally stimulating environment. This will make for a more manageable and even tempered child when you pick them up!

3. Make Sure the Employer Provided Child Care Has Attentive Staff

While this may seem obvious, it is still such an important point to stress. A nice staff is not necessarily a responsible staff! Try to observe how the staff interacts with the children before you make your final decision. Even if they check out on that mark, ask your child lots of questions after his or her first few days there! Sometimes those observations can be the most telling ones you will receive about childcare in the workplace. How will you vet out your potential day cares?

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