Unusual or Unexpected Problems That Come Up in College

Unusual or Unexpected Problems That Come Up in College

Preparing for the potential of unusual or unexpected problems to arise while you’re in college is ideal to avoid feeling overwhelmed or stressed out when you encounter real-life situations that require a response or solution. The better prepared you are for issues you may encounter when you’re attending class or even renting a home can help you adjust to living independently in less time. When you know what to expect living as a responsible adult, you can take the steps necessary to mitigate or prevent major disasters from occurring and spiraling out of control.

Plumbing Issues

Some of the most unusual or unexpected issues you may face when you’re enrolled in college full-time include plumbing problems. Plumbing issues are prevalent whether you’re living in a college dorm or you’re using bathroom trailer rentals, depending on where your college or university is located. If you believe your toilet is flushing slower than usual or if you believe you have a clog in your apartment or rental home, you’ll need to contact your landlord or a local plumber near you as quickly as possible. Avoid attempting to unclog a major blockage at any time if you’re not licensed or trained to do so as a professional plumber.

Working with a local plumber is recommended when you’re renting an apartment or home, especially when you’re communicating alongside the owner of the property throughout the process. In most cases, your landlord will be responsible for hiring a professional and ensuring the repair of any toilets, sinks, and fixtures throughout the property. Once you’re familiar with the process of identifying and tending to a plumbing issue in your home, dorm, or apartment, you’ll feel much more confident the next time you need to call a local plumber for help or assistance, regardless of the root cause of the issue.

Limited Classroom Space

One unusual or unexpected issue you might encounter when you’re going to college involves limited classroom space. With limited classroom space, you might find it more challenging to find a seat to sit in during a lecture, making it difficult to keep up with the current topics and subjects being taught. If you’re dealing with limited classroom space, you may want to seek an alternative location, such as working remotely from your dorm or a local trailer rental. When you’re stuck with limited classroom space, making adjustments as necessary can still help you get the most out of your college learning experience.

Before enrolling in any class at your preferred college or university, it’s highly recommended to take some time to compare classroom sizes and expected enrollment. Understanding the demand for a particular course, time slots available, and seating arrangements ahead of time can help you carve out a schedule that genuinely works for you. If finding a seat is important to you, it may also be possible for you to arrive in the classroom a bit earlier or to speak with your current professor about seating arrangement solutions.

Another option to consider if you’re concerned about limited seating and accessibility while in college is to enroll in a remote learning course. Learning remotely allows you to do so from anywhere in the world, so long as you have a working wireless internet connection that’s encrypted and secured. Remote learning courses allow you to take classes at your preferred colleges or universities even if you’re located elsewhere, travel for work, or if you simply prefer to study remotely and on your own time.

Legal Trouble

Dealing with legal trouble or even a potential lawsuit is one of the most unusual or unexpected problems you’re likely to face when you’re enrolled in college. However, accidents and incidents happen, which is why it’s so important to be prepared for any potential legal woes that come your way. Whether you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, or expelled from college, you’ll want to find the right lawyer and bail bond company to represent you, especially if you’ll need to appear in front of a judge or in a court of law.

Retaining an attorney may not seem like it’s a top priority when you’re in college or university, but you’ll need to do so quickly if you’ve encountered trouble with the law, or you’ve been charged with a crime. Working with a lawyer is a way to ensure your rights are protected and preserved at all times, regardless of the type of legal trouble you’re involved in. Working with bail bond specialists can also assist you in posting bail if you’ve been arrested and jailed for any reason.

Finding the right legal representation and bail bond companies is best by asking those you know who have direct connections with professionals who are well-versed in the law and legal system in the state where you’re located. You can also compare legal firms and bail bond companies online, where it’s possible to find direct testimonials and reviews of each. Use portfolios and reviews to build the appropriate legal team you might require for your defense when the time comes.

Housing Disputes

Another one of the most unusual or unexpected issues you might face when you’re enrolled in college includes housing disputes. Housing disputes are much more common when you choose to live in a dorm that requires you to do so with additional roommates. If you encounter issues with a roommate or if you have a housing dispute you’d like to settle yourself, you can learn more about the options you have by researching valid landlord tenant laws based on your state and current location.

Handling housing disputes can be extremely tedious and stress-inducing, especially if you’re unsure of where to get started. In cases such as these, seeking legal representation may help you to address the issues head-on without feeling confused or even overwhelmed by your options. Anytime you are dealing with a housing dispute, there are also a few ways to help prepare yourself as best as possible.

Collecting contractual agreements and rental contracts to review them can help significantly when you’re dealing with a troublesome roommate or another legal issue or dispute related to your current housing situation. Collecting photographic and video evidence of any damage that has been done to your property can also help prove your case, depending on the circumstances of the legal issues you’ve encountered. The more evidence you’re able to gather, the easier it’ll be to find a legal firm or attorney to help you navigate the process, so you can resume some sense of normalcy in your everyday life.

Car Repairs

While this isn’t as unusual or unexpected, car repairs or even the totaling of a vehicle is possible while you’re in college. This is especially true if you are currently driving an outdated or used car that hasn’t been well-maintained through the years. When you want to maintain your transportation and independence at all times while enrolled in college or university, you can do so by saving ahead of time and in advance.

Research local car mechanics, auto body repair shops, and even Audi specialists near you and your college campus depending on the type of vehicle you’re using while away at school. When you’re familiar with your surroundings, you’ll know who you should call when your vehicle is in need of repairs or an inspection. The more prepared you are for repair jobs, the less likely you are to feel caught off-guard if your car breaks down or no longer starts properly.

Personal Injuries

One of the most unusual or unexpected experiences you’re likely to have when you’re away at college might include a serious or life-threatening injury. From being involved in a car accident to experiencing a slip and fall accident, there are many different ways that you might find yourself hurt or even seriously disabled. If you’re struggling physically, mentally, and even emotionally after enduring a personal injury due to no fault of your own, you may want to seek assistance from an accident injury attorney.


If you’re living in an area that is prone to heavy rainfall, floods, and natural disasters, another unusual or unexpected event you might experience involves flooding. Flooding may also occur if you’re renting a home with a basement, especially if you’re living close to sea level. If you’re living in a dormitory that’s recently experienced significant flooding, taking care of school water damage immediately is imperative to prevent long-term issues and even the growth of mold and bacteria due to unnecessary standing water.

When you’re in a school living throughout college, and you experience flooding, you’ll need to take precautions to dry your living quarters immediately to prevent standing water and additional risks. Standing water can lead to the growth of bacteria and mold, leading to respiratory issues and reactions. Remediation services should always be called immediately anytime you’re dealing with serious flooding after a major disaster or storm.

Natural Disasters

One of the most unusual or unexpected events you just might encounter when you’re away at college or university might include a natural disaster. Experiencing a natural disaster is more likely in some areas than others, which is why it’s imperative to familiarize yourself with any new region you may be moving to when you’re heading off to college or university. After a natural disaster has passed, you’ll also need to tend to your surroundings on your property.

If you notice a tree has fallen or is on the verge of falling down, you’ll need to contact the appropriate emergency tree removal service near you for assistance. Calling an emergency tree removal company or service is a way to ensure you’re handling a risky tree issue as quickly as possible, especially once the immediate danger of a natural disaster has passed. Understanding which natural disasters you’re at risk of at your college or university ahead of time will also help you to better prepare mentally and emotionally for the possibility.


While not always common, knowing how to protect yourself in the event of a fire is extremely vital, especially if you’re living in a shared residence during your college years, such as a traditional dormitory. If you’re living in any area where there is a fire risk from cooking or even from an outdoor firepit, you’ll want to ensure your residence is well-equipped with fire extinguishers, flour, and other items that can protect you in the event of a potential fire, regardless of the size and risk of the fire. Investing in fire escape ladders and blankets along with identifying potential exits anywhere you live will also help you rest assured knowing you’re prepared for a potential disaster involving fire, regardless of the root cause.


Regardless of whether you’re living in a standard college dorm or you’re renting a home or nearby apartment, blackouts may occur. Dealing with an electrical blackout can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if you have a strict work and school schedule you need to adhere to at the time. If you experience a blackout that’s exclusive to your home, you’ll likely need to call a professional electrician to conduct an inspection and any repairs that you may require.

To prepare for a potential blackout in college, regardless of where you’re located, you’ll want to ensure you invest in heavy-duty flashlights, charged batteries, non-perishable foods, and even candles. Invest in a kit that will help you feel comfortable and safe at home, even when you’re required to sit in the dark for hours or even days on end. The more prepared you are for a potential power loss or blackout, the easier it’ll be for you to navigate the time without power without sacrificing your work or grades.

When it comes to unusual or unexpected problems that come up in college, there’s no right or wrong way to approach the subject. Creating a list of potential issues you’re more likely to encounter based on your lifestyle and location can go a long way in helping you feel much more confident anytime something goes awry. When you’re prepared for the real world and living on your own in college, you’ll retain the confidence necessary to do so for the rest of your adult life, even once you’ve graduated and are ready to take the next step.

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