Everything You Need to Know About Crawler Cranes

Everything You Need to Know About Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes, marvels of modern engineering, play a pivotal role in the construction industry, offering impressive stability and maneuverability on various terrains. Let’s explore some of the world’s most remarkable telescopic crawler cranes that stand out for their capabilities.

Link-Belt TCC-2500, a powerhouse from the United States, tops the list with an operating weight of 182 tons and a telescopic boom reaching 68 meters, capable of lifting loads up to 250 tons.

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Meanwhile, the XCMG XGC220T, a Chinese creation, boasts a 450-horsepower engine, providing a substantial lifting capacity of up to 220 tons. Tadano GTC-1800EX, from the United States, offers versatility with a variety of boom extensions, reaching an impressive 83-meter lifting height for loads up to 156 tons.

SENNEBOGEN 6113, a German efficiency expert, is designed for quick, safe, and reliable operation on large construction projects, featuring a telescopic boom with a 67-meter lifting height. Tadano GTC-1200, from the United States, stands out for its resistance and mobility in challenging terrains, with a 52% slope-climbing capability.

Liebherr – LTR 1100, a German creation, brings versatility to the table with mobility on any terrain and an 83-meter telescopic boom for loads up to 100 tons. This crawler crane showcases the industry’s commitment to innovation, providing solutions for various construction needs. Whether it’s the precise control of Kobelco TK750GFS or the electric-powered efficiency of SANY SCE800TB-EV, crawler cranes continue to revolutionize the construction landscape, proving indispensable for heavy lifting in diverse conditions.

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